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The Crazy Crab was the first Sea Island Porch Art piece.  Rich Rinaldi built an oyster table for the Warrens and asked what they would like for the color on the tabletop.  David Warren, who has worked in the creative field on Hilton Head for years, decided that it would be unique to have artist Kelly Graham replicate a piece of his artwork.  The two collaborated and the Crazy Crab was born, and so was Sea Island Porch Art.  The Crazy Crab is a pine piece, bar height, with multiple coats of durable polyurethane.  Certainly a conversation piece, the crab legs wrap down the side of the table and make the art come alive.

Each Sea Island Porch Art table is a one-of-a-kind creation. The size of the table and the artwork can be customized for your porch, backyard, color scheme, or family needs.


The standard for a typical oyster table is 6' x 33" and are 41 inches high for bar height. Each oyster table has a built in opening to put a trashcan below and take oyster shells as they are discarded. These dimensions can be adjusted to your needs.


The coffee tables run in very various sizes and are usually 18 to 21 inches high. This, of course, is dependent on the furniture around the table and your preferences for shape and height.


The Artwork: We have designed several tables for your review, but the only limit on the artwork is in your imagination. Tables take approximately 10 days to construct, paint, and dry. Custom designs will take slightly longer.


Finish: All Sea Island Porch Art Tables are finished with 5 coats of polyurethane either high gloss or semi-gloss. 


Wood: all tables are made from pine and come in treated or untreated lumber. 

The Boiled Shrimp


Length: 6'

Width: 33"

Height: 41"

Finish: Semi Gloss Polyurethane (5 Coats)

Wood: Treated Pine

Price $800

The Crazy Crab


Length: 6'

Width: 33"

Height: 41"

Finish: High Gloss Polyurethane (5 Coats)

Wood: Untreated Pine

Price: $1500 Sale Price $825

The Blue Crab


Lenght: 6'

Width: 33"

Height: 21"

Finish: High Gloss Polyurethane ( 5 Coats)

Wood: Treated Pine

The "Boiled" Shrimp

The second table created was done with a signature Kelly Graham orange and red shrimp on an indigo background.  This piece is a bar height oyster table made with treated pine so that it could live outdoors or indoors.  It also features multiple coats of polyurethane and is a beautiful addition to a porch where family and friends gather for lowcountry living.

The Blue Crab is the third piece which utilizes one of Kelly's most recognized paintings.  Done on an electric, blue pine background this table top is ready to be made into an outdoor large coffee table or a porch table at any height the client would like to best suit their space or lifestyle.  Also, heavily treated with polyurethane, this rendition of the Blue Crab has an electric fun feel with wonderful Gullah colors. 


Sea Island Porch Art can replicate other artwork on a virtual table so buyers can see which painting they would like and what colors would suit their specific needs.  The "Oyster" is an example of a visual of what Kelly's oyster painting would look like on a table before it is made.  Your imagination is the limit, and you can experience what the table of your choice would look like before production.


Tables can, of course, be produced with no art at all.  These traditional tables are a perfect representation of the casual Lowcountry lifestyle for which the Sea Islands are known.  

Visualizing Other Pieces

Other Kelly Graham Artwork for Tables

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