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“What a great way of displaying the original art " 


Lynn Schreiber, Hilton Head Island, 

South Carolina


at the party

The design and the beautiful construction of the oyster tables made the porch look so handsome yet somehow still very casual

—Gretchen Hoffmann. New York, New York

Sea Island Porch Art  - Life is Better on the Porch

There are over 100 Sea Islands found off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. These spectacular islands are part of an area called the Lowcountry which is blessed with an extraordinarily rich history and a culture all its own.


These Sea Islands have unique personalities; some are developed with world class resorts while others remain untouched by modern man. These Islands offer a bountiful harvest of shrimp, crabs, a vast variety of fish, a mixture of cultures, and an exceptional beauty which can be life changing.  


The splendor of the land and sea tends to draw us out of our homes. We cherish the tide changes, the seasons, the beauty of the coast and the wildlife it supports. Outdoor living on porches and backyards is inevitable as we seek a closer connection with the Lowcountry.  


Another aspect of the Sea Island life is the desire to capture this natural pace and beauty in art. Generations of artists have painted, drawn, and sculpted the splendor of the region.


At Sea Island Porch Art we have combined the love of outdoor living with the talent and imagination of these local artists. The result is a line of tables and wall hangings that are locally built and then embellished by Lowcountry artisans.  Each unique design captures not only the spirit of these magnificent islands but also the lifestyle. The furniture is designed to be a place for people to congregate, to meet, to laugh, to love and to eat. They are an art piece that becomes a conversation piece and draws you into the true essence of our Sea Island porches. 


As we are fond of saying, “Life is better on the porch.”

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